Truly elastic, highly scalable Private Talent Clouds fulfilling industry standard use cases or specifically curated via custom worker training and qualifications to satisfy unique client needs.


Creating digital jobs for
1 million citizens


A unique online and classroom-based training curriculum for eRezeki trainers and workers

An Unrivaled National Program

The eRezeki program is a unique Public - Private partnership funded by the Malaysian Federal Government to develop the world's first Private Talent Cloud. Our company, Crowdsourcing Asia Sdn. Bhd., partnering with the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), the Government Agency responsible for Digital Malaysia, in an unprecedented effort to create a 1 million strong on-demand digital workforce by 2020, servicing the global market needs for affordable on-demand labor. The program mission, through digital skills development and job creation, is to improve lower income household's quality of life, elevate their livelihood and instill a spirit of digital entrepreneurship.

Digital Work Training

All content and Train-the-Trainer programs are designed by Crowdsourcing Asia in support of specific microtask use cases across classifications of work including enriching data, working with content and improving software. Following a best-practice and structured learning curriculum, student workers are trained to perform various types of tasks. Once trained, they are required to take tests to earn qualifications for each use case they wish to perform. Continuous monitoring, feedback and adjustments in training approaches, task design and communications underpin an approach to continually evaluate worker quality, increase worker qualifications and improve the performance of the workforce. Training is available online 24*7 and via classroom-based training at eRezeki Centers providing access to IT infrastructure and trainer resources.


Sixty-six dedicated digital work
training centers, country wide


You define required worker qualifications, we train workers in supervised Digital Centers.

eRezeki Digital Centers

The core of the Private Talent Cloud derives from the eRezeki Centers that facilitate government funded worker recruitment, training and community development. There are 33 dedicated digital work centers (soon to be 66) located across Malaysia with state-of-the-art computer infrastructure and leaders invested in success. Through investment in a national network of program dedicated, community-based, eRezeki training and work centers, for the first time, direct relationships are being developed with Malaysia's microtask workers, each known to the program and individually trained, supported and nurtured. This unique structure provides workplace support and facilitates direct access to workers for skills enhancement and performance improvement, distinguishing the eRezeki workforce from the notion of workers in unmanaged anonymous public "crowds".

eRezeki Workforce

eRezeki Digital Workforce

While other microtasking marketplaces offer access to anonymous, in-the-wild "crowd-workers", we take a different approach. Supported by heavy investment by the Malaysian Government in a long-term workforce development program of massive scale, every single eRezeki worker is individually known and mentored. We work hand-in-hand with strategic demand partners to create customer centric "Private Talent Clouds" of individually selected, custom trained and pre-qualified workers.

The workforce is a specialized and qualified talent pool of Asian workers. The majority range in age from 18-35. Malaysian English language proficiency is strong as English is the unifying language across the Malay, Chinese, and Indian heritage populations of Malaysia. Many workers are full-time students in Universities that are formally engaged with the eRezeki program and part of the eRezeki Center worker recruitment and training network. Today we have a base of over 26,000 registered workers with direct access to recruit hundreds-of-thousands more from eRezeki Center and University relationships. Our relationship with Universiti Teknologi MARA alone gives us access to over 180,000 graduate and undergraduate students.