When automation alone isn't enough and where human judgments are required, human-in-the-loop automation enables massive amounts of manual work to be processed accurately, at lightning speed and hyper-efficiently.

A marketplace for digital work connecting
demand for digital workers with supply

MassolutionsTM is a marketplace for digital work that connects companies that need digital workers with our online workforce. MassolutionsTM marketplace enables enterprises to publish work and process vast amounts of tasks rapidly, accurately and at low cost. Trained and qualified workers choose what work they wish to perform, compete for available tasks and are rewarded for accurate and quality results.

The marketplace's enabling technology that
distributes work to qualified workers

MassiveTM is the marketplace's enabling technology that distributes work, matching demand for work with qualified workers. Our state-of-the-art workflow engine and workforce management platform with its advanced machine learning tools and algorithms, supports the entire process from the setup of human-in-the-loop automated workflows, the dispatching tasks to qualified workers and intelligent quality control of submitted work.

An unrivalled digital work training platform,
a sophisticated learning management enviroment

MassableTM is our unrivalled digital work training platform, a sophisticated learning environment that drives the development of the workforce through an online and classroom-based training curriculum. Here, student workers develop digital work skills in a rich UX learning environment. Crowdsourcing Asia's Master Trainers oversee and direct the development of the workforce, supported by certified eRezeki trainers at eRezeki centers.

Our demand generation program sourcing work internationally for the eRezeki digital workforce

MassadoptTM is our demand generation program generating work for Malaysian digital workers. Serving the needs of crowdsourcing platforms requiring a better affordable source of talent and freelance/BPO providers wishing to add task-based work to their service offerings. Our Market Development team work with demand partners to process work on the MassolutionsTM digital work marketplace delivering high quality results.