The only company in the world with a government mandate to build a national digital workforce. We drive demand, operate the marketplace and train the workforce. Atomizing work into small tasks, we engage untapped talent delivering disruptive enterprise data processing and content solutions.


We're a unique digital
jobs marketplace


Disrupters of traditional
"captive labor" based models

Who We Are

Crowdsourcing Asia, is a unique business with a unique business opportunity. We provide breakthrough solutions to enable other labor marketplaces, service providers and enterprises to process vast amount of data and tasks efficiently and accurately, while creating new jobs and income for members of our online workforce.

A privately owned business in partnership with our anchor client, the Malaysian Government, building the eRezeki Private Talent Cloud. A digital jobs microtasking marketplace of 1 million digital workers. We lead demand generation, operate the marketplace and orchestrate workforce development.

Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the epicenter of South East Asia, providing a supply of qualified digital workers into the global digital talent pool. Members of the extended team and strategic partners are located in the U.S., Belarus, South Africa, London and the Philippines.

The future of work is digital and we believe that everyone should have the chance to participate in the digital economy and to learn, grow and earn!


Crowdsourcing is changing the way work is performed, problems are solved and how markets engage!

Year-on-year, participation in "crowd-based" markets are more than doubling. Leading enterprises are disrupting traditional "captive labor" based models by distributing work via specialised platforms that provide on-demand access to labor, expertise, human capital and intellectual property. This changes how companies get work done, find solutions, interact with their lead customers, and validate their R&D outputs.

Crowdsourcing is a game changer for how Governments set jobs' policy, frame economic development programs, and leverage public investments. It provides new opportunities for citizens seeking flexible and interesting work and for individuals wishing to pursue their passions and embark on new ventures.

Crowdsourcing offers truly scalable, online and on-demand talent pools that can be tapped for a range of tasks from simple to complex.


Affordable, fast and accurate
processing of data-intensive tasks


Passionate digital entrepreneurs, hell-bent
on changing how business gets done!

Why Massolutions?

Our "crowd" is the world's first, nationally curated Private Talent Cloud. We will deliver the crowdsourcing promise of a truly elastic, on-demand, high performing digital workforce. While other crowdsourcing marketplaces offer access to anonymous, in-the-wild "crowd-workers", we take a different approach. No other private marketplace or country initiative has the mandate, government support and resources to deliver an instantly scalable private talent cloud which is custom trained and curated to your unique specifications..